The Best SARMs For Cutting 2022

Best SARMs for weight loss

If you’re looking to lose weight or burn off those last few pounds or stomach fat, SARMs may be a help you get there. SARMs have been growing in popularity over the last few years, and rightly so. Many people have experienced great benefits using SARMs for cutting, especially when using SARMs stacks (multiple different SARMs simultaneously).

There are many SARMs on the market today, which makes it a little harder to decide which ones are for you, but we’re here to let you know the best SARMs for cutting and fat loss, based on what the studies say..

What Are SARMs, And How Do They Work?


SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are compounds that bind to androgen receptors (androgens are hormones that signal the body to make structural changes). Similar to Androgens, SARMs can allow us to manipulate our natural anabolic levels and facilitate the building of muscle.

The similarities between SARMs and steroids end there, though. SARMs give your body the muscle-building benefits, but without some of the side effects and the organ growth possibly caused my steroids.

This is because while steroids bind to many different kinds of receptors, wreaking havoc on many bodily systems unrelated to building a better-looking and stronger body, SARMs are “tissue-selective,” meaning they only bind to muscle and bone tissue. They have shown to help build stronger muscles, and stronger bones, while having minimal side effects compared to testosterone. Plus, they can be taken in pill form (no injection necessary).

Benefits of SARMs 

Results vary, but many bodybuilders estimate that, when using SARMs, they gained up to a significant amount of muscle in just a number of months. Obviously that won’t be everyone’s result, but if you’re putting in the time at the gym and eating right, there’s no reason you can’t achieve similar results!

SARMs can be a benefit in a bunch of ways at once: they allow for lean muscle growth while stimulating fat loss during cutting, they increase net strength gains during bulking, and they can enhance athletic performance too! Perhaps more importantly, because of their high anabolic to androgenic ratio, SARMs have all these positive effects without the unwanted or minimal side effects often associated with steroids (ance, voice modulation, unwanted body hair, etc.).

Different SARMs have been found to display their own unique benefits. Some are best utilized to help you bulk up, while some are best saved for when you’re in your cutting cycles (these are the ones we’ll talk about in detail below). SARMs were first discovered during clinical studies in elderly men who were experiencing muscle loss, and the incredible effects SARMs had on increasing bone density, muscle mass, and overall strength were instantly apparent.

SARMs have these effects, in part, by boosting nitrogen and protein levels, both of which your body uses to build muscle like mad. As we know, when your body is using all of its resources to pack on the muscle, fewer and fewer of your ingested calories are left over to be converted to glycogen and stored as fat.

On top of this, SARMs are touted for their ability to boost the body’s metabolic rate and enhance cardiovascular fitness, which makes them extremely popular for cutting. Now, let’s go into which are the best SARMs for cutting.

The Best SARMs for Cutting

Andarine (S4)

Andarine (S4) is the first ever SARM, and because of that, it’s been the most heavily researched. The benefits have been corroborated time and time again. It was developed by Professor James T. Dalton while he was working on treating prostate cancer. Instead, he discovered Andarine’s remarkable facilitation of muscle growth.

It increases bone density, muscle mass, and strength. It also maximizes vascularity, which gives you that hard-dense look. It remains the most versatile SARM--it can facilitate razor sharp cutting as quickly as it can allow you to bulk up. Even better, when using Andarine for cutting, you’re better able to maintain your gains even when on a calorie deficit!

Andarine For Cutting

Ostarine (MK-2866)

Twelve years after discovering the effects of Andarine, Professor Dalton created a more refined version, known as ostarine. He developed it in an attempt to fight bone and muscle loss in conditions associated with body atrophy, such as osteoporosis. In an early clinical trial, a group of elderly men took a 12-week course of ostarine and experienced a marked reduction in fat and an increase in lean muscle, and an overall 15% increase in stair-climbing power.

When using Ostarine for cutting, you’ll be boosting the production of your body’s primary muscular building blocks: nitrogen and protein. It doesn’t cause abnormal fluid retention, so you won’t bloat, and because it targets the muscular building blocks it can help you retain muscle and avoid that sinewy look of someone who’s dieted a week or two too long.

Ostarine For Cutting


It’s not technically classified as a SARM, as it targets PPAR receptors rather than androgen receptors. It produces similar effects to other SARMS, but it also dramatically enhances your cardiovascular fitness. People have noticed they have been able to run or cycle faster and for longer to shred fat. It increases the body’s metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat faster. It can also help your body process glucose as muscle tissue rather than fat tissue.

Basically, it can help shred the fat on your body and reducing the rate at which you replace it at the same time! When using Cardarine for cutting, you’ll be increasing your HDL (high density Lipoprotein) cholesterol, which is known as “good cholesterol” because it counteracts bad cholesterol in the body--fortifying your artery walls and removing excess bad cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Cardarine For Cutting

Stenabolic (SR-9009)

SR-9009 is a Rev-ErbA agonist regarded for its ability to facilitate serious cutting. It’s benefits are very similar to those of Cardarine, with the same cardio-enhancing effects.

It boosts your metabolic rate generally and facilitates a more streamlined metabolism of glucose. It’ll have you feeling more energized and burning more stored fat. SR-9009 also has very few known side effects, and mild ones at that.

SR-9009 For Cutting

Best SARMs Stacks for Cutting

To get the best results when using SARMs stacks for cutting, it’s best to use two or three in combination.

Stack 1: Stenabolic (SR-9009) + Ostarine + Cardarine Stack

Dosages: 20mg of SR-9009, 12.5-25mg of Ostarine, and 12.5-25mg of Cardarine for 6-12 weeks.

This combination is perfect for people whose training involves some serious cardio. Cardarine and SR-9009 has shown to enhance your metabolic rate while Ostarine could help you retain your muscle mass.

best sarms for cutting

Stack 2: Andarine + Ostarine + Cardarine Stack

Dosages: 25-50mg of Andarine, 12.5-25mg of Ostarine, and 12.5-25mg of Cardarine for 6-12 weeks.

This stack is great for people who want to cut without losing a shred of muscle mass. The Andarine/Ostarine combo will be building lean muscle, while the Cardarine boosts metabolic rate, attacking your fat stores. 

Best SARMs cutting stack


Your diet is a crucial component to cutting, and it’s best to set up a concrete diet plan before you start cutting cycles. Once you have a diet plan in place, you can decide if you want to add SARMs to the mix.


Keep your protein intake high. Protein is your best friend—it will help you keep your blood sugar stable and keep you feeling fuller longer, which will help you stick to the diet plan you’ve set and resist cravings. It’ll also fortify and preserve your muscle. Eat a ton of protein while cutting, and try to eat most of your carbohydrates directly before or after your workout.

Consistency. It’s important to eat mostly the same thing each day so your body knows what to expect. Your metabolism will adapt to your routine. If you try to go longer periods without eating, the intensity of your cravings will sky-rocket and you’ll find yourself eating cheat meals more often.

When trying to lose weight, always have small meals in shorter time frames, such as 50% of your normal meal calories spread across 6 meals. (Also, it goes without saying that you should be eating lots of vegetables!)

Drink lots of water—it’s critically importantly. You should be drinking between eight and ten 8-ounce glasses of water per day (give or take a little depending on your size). It’ll keep you hydrated and aid in the digestion of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

In addition, try to drink 2-3 ounces during your workouts to keep your muscles replenished so you can tough out those last few reps. Most important of all: avoid sugary drinks!

Pick a Glucose disposal agent (GDA) to take with your most carbohydrate-dense meal of the day. GDAs, also known as insulin mimetics or nutrition partitioning agents, are dietary supplements that can tweak the systems by which fat is stored on your body, and encourage them instead to allow you to build more muscle.

They work in cooperation with the insulin in your body to increase the amount of glycogen to be stored in the muscle tissue—this results in both thicker muscles and a leaner build because it allows the glycogen that would’ve been working against you (adding layers of fat tissue) to work with you (building your muscle)!

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