The Best SARMs Source in Canada [2022]

Best Sarms Source Canada 2022

SARMs In Canada [2022]

Canadian SARMs are among the highest quality on the market, particularly those offered by a few well-known Brands, whose extensive quality testing ensures that their SARMs are the best SARMs in Canada. Before we explain why, there are some things you need to know.

A Brief Overview of SARMs

SARMs have gotten a lot of buzz lately, specifically in fitness communities. That’s because the impressive body-building benefits of SARMs are now being enjoyed by ordinary people, and not just professional bodybuilders.

Those who desire a more lean and muscular physique are adding SARMs to their daily regimenin increasing numbers, and the results are impressive to say the least. 

How Do SARMs Work?

SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators bind to androgens, which are hormones that promote muscle growth, fat loss, and increased bone density. These three benefits are essential for anyone interested in working out, or simply improving their overall health.

SARMs are shown to strengthen your body, protecting it from injury, and to increase the speed at which your muscles grow and recover from exercise. If these claims sound familiar, it’s because they’re the same claims made by steroid-users. 

Of course, we would never endorse the use of steroids because of their awful side-effects, including testosterone imbalance and liver and kidney disease! Instead, SARMs have become popular because SARMs offer the similar basic benefits of steroids without those nasty side-effects. SARMs can help you to gain muscle, lose fat, and increase your bone density without throwing your body out of whack.

Buying SARMs Online In Canada

Having gained popularity only recently, SARMs are not as easy to find online as your average protein powder or BCAA. There simply aren’t enough companies making, distributing, or selling SARMs, which makes the SARMs market a little like the Wild West.

There is less rules and regulations when it comes to quality testing, so you need to be careful when shopping for SARMs online. 

While shopping for online, you may encounter malicious websites for phony companies claiming to carry the “best SARMs” on the market. Often, these phony companies are safely located in foreign countries where you cannot easily verify their existence or their legitimacy. To verify whether or not a company selling SARMs is legit, pay special attention to the features on their website. Then, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does their website look professional? 
  • Can you easily find the company’s location and contact information?
  • Do they provide lab reports for their SARMs quality tests?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” you should avoid buying that company’s products. You cannot trust that the company will provide quality SARMs, and in fact, the knock-off SARMs they provide could be dangerous to use. 

To avoid buying low-quality SARMs from phony companies, we recommend buying from companies within your own country. You’ll still need to examine these company’s websites for answers to the above questions, but those answers will at least be easier to find when the company is domestic. In some countries, it can be difficult to find many companies selling SARMs online, let alone legitimate ones. Canada is one of those countries. 

Why You Should Buy From a Canadian SARMs Site In 2022

If you live in Canada, you should buy SARMs from Canada. Not only is it easier to verify the quality of the SARMs from companies in your own country, it’s also cheaper! Cross-border shipping can get expensive and you could wait up to three weeks. 

Assuming you live in Canada, or you are searching for a reliable SARMs company, you may want to consider buying from Gym Array. Gym Array offers the best SARMs in Canada, and possibly the best SARMs on the market. They only work with proven, tested SARMs companies that have demonstrated the highest purity in their 3rd party lab tests.

The SARMs they sell have the highest quality ingredients to ensure that every batch is tested and verified. Plus, the SARMs are sourced from Germany rather than China like most, giving you better trust in the quality.

If you live in Canada, or you are searching for a reliable SARMs company, we highly recommend buying from Gym Array. They have tested over 70 different SARMs brands over the years and have chosen only the highest quality SARMs brands to sell. The best overall SARMs brand to buy from in 2022, according to Gym Array, is Hardcore Series SARMs.

Canada SARMs Stacks

The Highest Quality SARMs Source in Canada

Hardcore Series offers the highest quality SARMs in Canada. Most companies manufacture their SARMs in other countries, such as China, and have the products shipped to their warehouses.

This means that other companies’ SARMs undergo 3rd-party quality testing from China, which can be unreliable. Hardcore Series, on the other hand, performs extensive quality tests in a German pharmaceutical analytical lab, and they provide detailed lab reports to prove that their SARMs are made with the highest quality ingredients. 

Lab reports are among the most important factors when choosing a SARMs company to buy from, so we’ve provided a lab report from Hardcore Series Ostarine SARMs below, as an example.

If a SARMs company doesn’t provide lab reports for any of their products, do not buy from them. They carry Ostarine, LGD-4033 (Ligandrol), MK677 (Nutrobal/Ibutamoren), S4 (Andarine), Cardarine, YK-11, SR-9009 and RAD-140, which have all been 3rd party tested to ensure purity and do not come from China.

3rd Party Lab Report:

SARMs Canada lab report

Final Review on SARMs in Canada

SARMs can be a powerful tool for ordinary people to achieve their dream bodies. SARMs have shown to be effective at increasing muscle growth and bone density, while decreasing unhealthy body fat, and SARMs are much safer to use than alternatives, such as steroids. 

Hardcore Series offers the highest quality SARMs in Canada, and elsewhere, so we cannot recommend them highly enough. Here at Gym Array, we only endorse SARMs companies who have performed extensive quality testing, and who can provide detailed lab reports as proof of their products’ effectiveness. Canadian customers of Hardcore Series (a Canadian company) will greatly benefit from buying SARMs domestically, and customers from other countries will benefit from the sheer quality of Hardcore Series’s SARMs.

We at Gym Array are such big fans of Hardcore Series’s SARMs, that we have partnered with Hardcore Series to sell their powerful supplements online, exclusively. So if you’re interested in buying the highest quality SARMs in Canada, visit our store page!