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If you've tried Savage Line Labs, you probably know how powerful their supplements are. Savage Line Labs is a Canadian supplement company that has caught the industries attention over the last few years. Their supplements are tailored for hard-core bodybuilders and they have some of the strongest and most powerful supplements on the market.

Today we're going to review Savage Line Labs, and 5 of their top supplements. 

Savage Line Labs Products

BCAA 12-1-1 FORMULA with Nootropics 

Their BCAA supplement comes in three tasty flavors – Sour Keys, Blue Candy Shark, and Cotton Candy. The special thing about Savage Line Labs BCAA's, is it's the only BCAA supplement in the world to use a 12-1-1 formula, i.e. 12 parts of leucine to 1 part of isoleucine and valine). Most supplements use 2:1:1 ratio. 

Some research (Churchward-Venne, 2012)  has shown that supplementing protein with additional leucine improved muscle protein synthesis (MPS – i.e., the process of building muscle). However, in a follow-up study (Churchward-Venne, 2014), leucine supplementation with protein (in the same proportions as in the first study) did not improve MPS.

The difference between these two studies was that in the second study, the protein was supplemented with carbs and fats. The obvious inference here is that taking in carbohydrates and fat stifles the increase in MPS[i].

So make sure to take your BCAAs in the fasted state to get the best results. Their BCAA is $54.95 and it comes with 30 servings.

They've also added Nootropics (Alpha GPC 50% - 1200mg, Choline Bitartrate – 150mg, DMAE Bitartrate 100mg, Lion’s Mane extract 50mg) in their BCAA formula improves your cognition and focus. Think of it as a diluted version of the limitless pill for your mind-muscle connection.

 BCAA Savage Line Labs

Deer Antler Velvet Extract 

The jury is still out on this one[ii]. But the users are swearing by the results. Adam R ordered this product with a little hesitation but was amazed when his knee problems went away. Jake C stacked it with Savage Line Creatine HCL and his strength shot up through the roof.

Savage Line Labs Deer Antlet Extract is pharmacuetical grade, and comes from New Zealand, which is known for it's superior quality.

Deer Antler Extract also contains IGF-1, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, which increases protein synthesis, recharges Glycogen and ATP storage and increases oxidation of body fat.

Savage Line Labs Deer Antler


MYO-BURN is super potent and one of the strongest fat burners in the market. The primary ingredient is stimulants. Fat burners are generally safe to use if the instructions on the lid are followed to the T. So be sure to follow the directions on the label to take it safely.

However if you have any pre-existing conditions (anxiety, depression diabetes, etc, consult a doctor first). Caffeine[iii] is a well-known thermogenic and gives you tons of energy. So make sure to take this before your workout and in the mornings! If you take it later in the day (after 4 pm) you’re likely will have troubles sleeping.

Savage Line Labs MYO BURN

 Savage PCT

If you are on your post anabolic cycle, Savage PCT is a must-have. Taking steroids, SARMS, or prohormones suppresses your natural testosterone production. Processing these steroids also takes a toll on your liver. Suppressed testosterone production also leads to the production of estrogen, which will slow your recovery and gains.

Savage PCT not only increases your testosterone levels and libido, but it also blocks estrogen buildup and contains a blend of power anti-oxidants, which detoxes your liver to prevent damage and absorb protein faster. It has an effective blend to super-charge your recovery.

Savage PCT Savage Line Labs

 Liver Pro 

Liver Pro is a powerful and 100% natural liver support supplement. It contains TUDCA (tauro-ursodeoxycholic acid), a naturally occurring chemical compound that is effective for fighting[iv] buildup of toxins in the liver.

It also contains NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – a powerful naturally occurring antioxidant that fights cell damage. It contains 15 other ingredients (popular milk thistle, turmeric extract, alpha-lipoic acid, Schisandra, etc) all of which are effective in improving liver health.

Liver Pro Savage Line Labs

 Savage Creatine 

Savage Creatine is unique because it contains creatine hydrochloride whereas most creatine supplements contain creatine monohydrate. While creatine monohydrate is the most popular creatine supplement, it also causes water retention causing you to look bloated.

Also, creatine Monohydrate requires a loading phase (i.e. eating more up to 20 grams of creatine a day) which can cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress.

Creatine hydrochloride, on the other hand, is 60x more soluble in water and a study[v] has found that creatine hydrochloride is much more effective in aiding fat loss for the average gym-goer.

Savage Line Labs Creatine HCL

Should you buy from Savage Line Labs?

Supplement companies are not strictly regulated and can easily put fake ingredients in their products. Savage Line Labs on the other hand, is one of the most trust worthy supplement companies we've came across.

They max out their dosages to get you the best results possible, and their preform lab tests to ensure quality. Their a Canadian brand and all their products are pharmaceutical grade. Overall, I would highly recommend Savage Line Labs products, but don’t just take my word for it, their product reviews on our site and elsewhere show that they have some of the best supplements in the market.





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