SARMs Canada Review


When looking for SARMs online, it becomes a serious challenge when finding the right company. You’ll land across various websites that look shady and possibly fake. You’re unsure of where they’re located and if the ingredients are even real. It would be the perfect world if you could find a few companies that are domestic, have high quality ingredients and back it with up lab reports. Finding a good supplier of SARMs in Canada can be really tough.

Identifying if a company is legit or not is hard to do with little experience. You always want to make sure the company is professional, has a clean website and provides lab reports for the quality tests. If any company does not display one of these three things, I highly suggest avoiding them. There is enough companies out there to not settle.

Why You Should Order From a Canadian SARMs company

If you are Canadian, you definitely want to go with a company that is domestic because cross border shipping can get expensive and you could wait up to three weeks. At some point, if SARMs become scheduled, it may be illegal to order from certain countries and you will most likely get your order seized. It’s better to be safe and stick to domestic.

Now that we know what to look for in a company and where to buy from, let’s look at which is the best in Canada

Best SARMs Company in Canada

As a retailer of SARMs, Gym Array is always searching for the best company out there, with the highest quality ingredients and proven results. I’ve tested 70+ SARMs from different brands over the years with a varying degree of results and worked directly with ten.

In our opinion after all of our tests, currently, Savage Line SARMs is the highest in Canada and North America also. I’ll explain why we came to this conclusion:

Why Savage Line SARMs is the Highest Quality SARMs Domestically

First off, Savage Line manufactures all of it’s products in Canada. Most companies manufacture their SARMs in China or other countries and then have it shipped to their warehouse. Each SARM also goes through 3rd party testing with lab reports. This is the most important factor when choosing a company.

You always want to go with a company where you know exactly what you are getting and the type of quality. Never buy from a company if they don’t provide lab reports, period. Savage Line also doesn’t sell any illegal prescriptions or compounds like many of the sites out there. They carry Ostarine, LGD-4033(Ligandrol), MK677(Nutrobal/Ibutamoren), S4(Andarine), Cardarine and RAD-140.

Sarms by Savage Line is the Canadian company we recommend you buy your SARMs from if you are looking domestic. Let me know if you find a Canadian SARM source that matches the quality of Savage Line, I would love to test them out. For now though, we will be sticking with the current highest quality winner, Savage Line.

Where to Buy SARMs in Canada

After using Savage Line products for a while now and seeing the results, we’ve partnered with them to be the exclusive online retailer to sell their products, so we can help more people get real results and not have to worry about getting fake ingredients or pro-hormones.

If you want to take my advice and buy Savage Line SARMs, click here.

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