Enhanced Athlete Arachidonic Acid
Arachidonic Acid Ingredient Label Enhanced Athlete
Arachidonic Acid Description Enhanced Athlete
Enhanced Athlete Arachidonic Acid
Arachidonic Acid Ingredient Label Enhanced Athlete
Arachidonic Acid Description Enhanced Athlete

Arachidonic Acid - Enhanced Athlete

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What is Arachidonic Acid?

Much like cortisol, inflammation has a reputation of something inherently bad, yet it is required for your body to function and has many desirable effects. Inflammation is effectively a signal for the immune system to pay attention to an area. Inflammation is part of the immune system’s response to fix tissue damage and get rid of things that don’t belong in an area, like viruses.

Strength training induces a considerable amount of inflammation in muscle tissue as a result of the damage to the muscle fibers. This inflammatory signaling initiates muscle repair and growth.  Our bodies actually need acute inflammation to grow; without it, our potential to increase lean mass is blunted. 


Arachidonic Acid by Enhanced Labs is the primary fatty acid responsible for inflammation in muscle tissue. This 20-carbon omega-6 fatty acid resides in the cell membranes of our muscles, known as the sarcolemma. When your muscles are damaged by lifting weights, certain enzymes flock toward the affected area and "free" the Arachidonic Acid from the membrane.

When this happens, the freed Arachidonic Acid gets broken down and used to create small localized hormones called prostaglandins, which more directly cause the inflammation and pain we feel post-training. That may sound negative, but on the flip side, these inflammatory mediators also signal the body's repairing response in muscle tissue. Additionally, they play a critical role in increasing the amount of nuclei in our muscle cells, ultimately boosting muscle protein synthesis.

When you weight train, you quickly deplete the levels of stored arachidonic acid in muscle tissue. With low levels of arachidonic acid, you lose the post-workout inflammation essential for building new muscle tissue. Because of this reason, many researchers theorize that low arachidonic acid levels are one of the primary factors contributing to the “plateau” effect in resistance training.

Arachidonic Acid supplements benefits users the most who use anabolics, SARMs, bodybuilders or who hit a plateau in their weight training. You will notice you'll be incredible sore the next day after working out, just like your first day at the gym. Repairing and building more muscle by the day.


  • Helps Break Plateaus
  • Increased Recovery
  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Ideal For Anabolic Users
  • 30 day supply


  • Serving size: 1400
  • Take 4 capsules 30 minutes before working out on an empty stomach for best results
  • Do not exceed 8 capsules in one day


Small traces of Arachidonic acid are naturally in some food sources. However, the amount is pretty much insignificant. For example, A 6-ounce serving of beef roast contains only 0.084 gram of arachidonic acid. One large hard-boiled egg contains 0.074 gram of arachidonic acid. The highest quality source of Arachidonic Acid is found in organ meat, particularly the brain and liver.

Enhanced Athlete sources all of their Arachidonic Acid from organ meat, and each capsule contains 350mg of Arachidonic Acid. Their formula and dosage is the equivalent of eating 4,731 whole eggs!


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  • Scientific-backed research

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