Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack
Fat Loss Stack

Fat Loss Stack

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Shredding down to be summer ready can be hard with just cardio and clean eating. Sometimes you need an extra boost, to help burn and utilize your calories more effectively.

The Fat Loss Stack is a high-dosed supplement stack that's formulated to burn fat at an insane rate, while using SLIN to shuttle all the carbs you eat into muscle, rather than turning into fat. 

So MYO-BURN will be used to shred the fat fast, increase your metabolism and fat oxidization, while SLIN will compliment the MYO-BURN by utilize the calories you eat and making sure you're burning fat the most effectively.

MYO-BURN works by increasing your fat metabolization and focuses on targeting fat instead of muscle. Currently, it is the strongest fat burner and thermogenic available.

SLIN by Enhanced Labs was formulated for one simple reason, to put “Carbs into Muscle”. SLIN is a unique insulin mimetic that shuttles the carbs you eat into your muscles, instead of being stored as fat!

SLIN is such a popular supplement because of its versatility. On a bulk it prevents fat gain and helps harness the anabolic effects of insulin for muscle growth. On a cut it increases fat loss and helps keep muscles full while on a low carb diet.


  • Increased insulin sensitivity reducing carbs stored as fat
  • Super Thermogenic
  • Extreme Energy & Mental Focus
  • Stay lean while adding more carbs to your diet
  • Promotes bigger, fuller pumps and vascularity from carbs without fat gain
  • Increased Muscle Mass

How To Use

  • MYO-BURN: Take one capsule in the morning or before workout. Do not exceed two capsules in a 24-hour period
  • SLIN: Take 4 capsules 1-2x daily with your highest carb meals to effectively partition carbohydrates into the muscles and away from fat storage.

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