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Liver Pro (TUDCA)

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    The Strongest Liver Support

    Liver Pro by Savage Line Labs is the most powerful liver support supplement on the market due to it's potent TUDCA and NAC formula. Liver Pro will greatly aid in liver protection and regeneration after taking liver harsh compounds. 

    If you are experiencing lethargy, tiredness, reduced apetite, or reduced energy, you may be experiencing liver stress! Keep your liver healthy by adding a liver support supplement to your regimen.

    TUDCA (250mg) is a water-soluble bile salt that regulates ordinary bile salts in the liver. This will help to stop and prevents liver toxicity, cholestasis and other liver-related issues.  All ingredients are 100% natural. 

    NAC (250mg) is short for N-Acetyl Cysteine; it us used by the body to build more Antioxidants. Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can greatly protect and repair your cells from damage.

    Savage Proprietary Blend has over 15 natural ingredients to help aid and strengthen the liver as much as possible. Some of the ingredients include the popular milk thistle, turmeric extract, alpha lipoic acid and schisanda, which have all been shown to improve your liver health.


    • Regenerates damaged cells and organs
    • Enzyme Regulation
    • Protects liver function and metabolism
    • Improves ALT/ALT liver enzyme levels
    • Hepatitis Prevention
    • Insulin Regulation
    • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
    • Pro Hormones and Sarms Aid

    How To Use

    • Each Bottle Has 60 Capsules
    • 1-2 Capsules Per Day

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Ryan Mussgnug

      Liver saver.

      Cam B.

      Look no place else this product has everything you need to protect your organs. I get blood work done and has tried different products this product was the only product i was able to see my numbers change on my blood work.

      Tom E.

      Because of my hard partying ways of old and the current regimen of medication and androgens I take, I needed a good liver supplement. I beat on my liver pretty hard thoughout life.. This works great though! Liver inflammation has gone down and im feeling good! Great product at an affordable price. Alot of places will put grass clippings in a capsule and charge you $50 for it, and it happens because ppl are dumb enough to buy it.. Capitalism baby!! This product is legit though and I likes!

      Chad C.

      Great product definitely feel a difference all around there are not enough of these supplements out there and anything similar doesn't even come close to this

      Gregory L.

      Absolutely phenomenal for what its supposed to do. I actually came off of TRT because of some kidney and liver issues unrelated to this or lifting, but not fun to deal with while "on", and this product alone has done so much to help. Other herbs can be harmful etc, even some in this formula shouldn't be taken indefinitely, but the doses and choices of herbs and components is the best out there. Local Dr.'s are quacks and I'm done with TRT (which isn't inherently dangerous with low doses and a good Dr, but if they don't know what clomid or hcg is, etc, get out fast!) but needed to get my body back in some decent shape to be able to hit the gym and start rebuilding my test levels naturally. Kidney issues are serious. I wasn't doing too well on cordryceps alone and the fact this had NAC, L-Glutathione, and Milk Thistle at good doses made me snag this in a heartbeat. It worked. Im still using it and will go through one more bottle. I have been able to workout and had liver and kidney pain and elevated enzymes all go down or disappear. This is the best on cycle and post cycle support product out there. Thanks again