Best SARMS for cutting
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack
SARMs Cutting Stack

SARMs Cutting Stack

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Cutting Stack
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    MYO-OSTA (MK-2866) or known by its other name Ostarine, targets the androgen receptors in muscle tissues and increases their rate of repair. It also increases nitrogen in muscles, therefore allowing more blood and nutrients to flush the muscle which also assists in the healing of muscle tissue. MK-2866 is the best muscle tissue healer of all the Sarms.

    MYO-CARD (Cardarine/ GW501516) works by activating the same pathways that get activated when we conduct cardiovascular exercise. It was originally developed to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases.

    MYO-S4 is a powerful SARM, however it is most noted in research for it's muscle protecting abilities especially during a reduced calorie intake period (fasting/dieting). It also has excellent fat burning and muscle building effects and strength increasing abilities even while reducing weight.

    MYO-SR (SR-9009) or also know as Stenabolic is a Rev-ErbA agonist, and was shown to rapidly boost endurance and stamina. It enhances REV-ERB activity, which promotes the burning of fat and increases the activity in the mitochondria.


    • Burn fat by increasing glucose uptake in the skeletal muscle tissue
    • Increase in lean mass
    • Anti-Catabolic properties
    • Enhanced cardiovascular and stamina
    • Reduced recovery time
    • Extreme energy & mental focus
    • Prevents muscle wasting
    • Absolutely no drop in blood sugar

    Hardcore Series

    • 99.9% Quality
    • Made In Germany
    • 3rd Party Quality Tested
    • HPLC Tested
    • Scientific-backed research

      Lab Reports

      We only partner with the best companies who have proven results and are a trusted source with 3rd party quality lab reports. All SARMs are sourced from Germany with pharmaceutical grade.




    Customer Reviews

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    Cutting stack

    Amazing customer service answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly very impressed. Just started the stack and so far so good and the fat burner is amazing keeps you going all day without jitters.

    Shane L.

    Delivery was quick and got exactly what I had ordered. Will order from them again

    Jerry D.

    Dam the fat burner is crazy!