YK11 Stack

YK-11 Stack

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    The YK-11 stack with PCT. Get 2 YK-11 and 1 Savage PCT at a deal!

    MYO-YK (YK-11) is one of the most advanced SARMs on the market. Why? Because it is not only a SARM, but it also works as a Myostatin Inhibitor. It is considered the most advanced muscle builder of the entire range as well as creating dramatic increases in strength and power.

    Savage PCT is a 3 - 1 Post Cycle Therapy supplement made to stimulate rapid recovery after your cycle. Each bottle lasts you 30+ days and will decrease the time needed for a post cycle therapy.


    • Increases Strength
    • Rapid build up of muscle tissue
    • Increased Follistatin
    • Enhanced Growth
    • Increased Libido & Testosterone
    • Decrease & Block Estrogen

    Hardcore Series

    • 99.9% Quality
    • Made In Germany
    • 3rd Party Quality Tested
    • HPLC Tested
    • Scientific-backed research

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