MK677 (Ibutamoren/Nutrobal)

Everything You Need To Know


Everyone is looking to increase their growth hormone somehow, either using natural methods, supplementation or using the synthetic version of HGH. HGH has so many miraculous benefits from muscle and strength gain, fat loss, joint repair to anti-aging and deeper sleeps.

Natural methods to increase your growth hormone can only raise it a short amount and taking the synthetic version carries a load of side effects. Those were the only choices people had, until now.

There is a new product on the market, and it’s called MK677. It’s the first orally available human growth hormone secretagogue in the world. Let’s dive into MK677 more.

What is MK677?

MK677, also known as Ibutamoren and Nutrobal is one of the best clinically tested secretagogue that is known to boost the secretion of both your growth hormone and IGF-1. It is so far the top growth hormone product that will deliver incredible muscle mass and GH properties without the side effects.

Ibutamoren works in the brain by activating the Ghrelin receptors popularly known as GHSR and pituitary gland which in turn stimulates the secretion of growth hormone. Ghrelin is the receptor that boosts your hunger, which is a great thing if you want to build muscle. The main reason it is considered the most popular is because it doesn’t alter your actual hormones, it just increases their availability.

History of Ibutamoren

Hormones that aid in muscles development have often been tainted and looked down upon due to their vast side effects. This hatred has been on for quite some time. After intensive research, MK677 came to light, and it is now considered as the best secretagogue for muscle growth.

Currently, MK677 (Ibutamoren) is being developed to treat growth hormone and IGF-1 deficiencies in people of all ages. The FDA has it classified as an investigational drug and is in the preclinical stages.

How to use MK677

Taking MK677 is very easy. It is either available in liquid form or capsule. MK677 capsules are easier to consume, but both are just as effective. You will want to take MK677 twice a day, with one in the morning and one at night. Some users experience tiredness if they take Ibutamoren in the morning, so if you notice this as well, stick to taking it just at night.  

It is always advised to not exceed the required dose in an attempt to make the process rapid, always stick to your dosage and timing. Having the right MK-677 stack will give you incredible results without any problems whatsoever.

Benefits of MK-677

There are vast benefits that come with MK677 (Nutrobal). Some of the most significant benefits include:


  1. Lean Mass:

Ibutamoren increases growth hormone and IGF-1 production which will significantly aid in the increase of lean body mass and also leads to fat loss.

  1. Strength Gain:

Ibutamoren comes with an incredible increase in strength gains thanks to its superior ability to increase the Basal metabolic rate. You will be able to lift heavier and longer, breaking down your muscles even more.

  1. Aids in Tissue Regeneration During Injury:

Growth hormone is one of the most powerful solutions to healing any injury or joint pain. Since MK677 increases your growth hormone, it enhance your recovery of any injury.

  1. Muscle Wasting

Ibutamoren is amazing at preserving your muscle in a caloric deficit. It will help your body uses fat stores as energy rather than muscle tissue.

  1. Sleep

When you’re in a deep sleep, you produce the most growth hormone naturally. Taking MK677 will put you into an even deeper sleep than usually, ramping your GH production more.

  1. Bone Density

Growth hormone is known to strengthen your bones, so when you are taking MK677, you will definitely receive that benefit. In studies, Ibutamoren showed to increase bone turnover and eventually bone density.

  1. Longevity

Everyone knows that growth hormone is the anti-aging secret for all movie stars. Taking MK677 will give you the same benefit, less wrinkles and it rejuvenates the growth hormone profile.

MK677 Dosage

According to research, the average cycle for MK677 lasts for 8 to 12 weeks before taking a break. Since MK677 is not a SARM, and has minimal to no side effects, many users use M677 year round constantly keep their body feeling young and strong.

To get the best results with MK677, you should take 20mg a day. The MK677 dosage should be split, with 10mg being taken in the morning and 10mg taken at night.

It’s important to stay consistent with your dosages so your body can adapt to the blood levels. Following this protocol will go a long way in ensuring you get the best results. With this dosage adhered, you should be able to achieve the results you are looking for.

MK677 Capsules or Liquid?

MK677 can be administered in two forms, either in liquid or capsule form. Whichever way you take Ibutamoren, it will make no difference whatsoever.

So far, MK677 starts in powder form. This powder is the same that is packed in a capsule or suspended in alcohol. What this means is that these two forms have the same chemical composition and thus the same effectiveness. It is just that Ibutamoren capsules are much more appealing and some find them very easy to take than liquids. Otherwise, both have the same results to the consumer and similar effectiveness too.

Side effects of MK677

Ibutamoren comes with some side effects, but they are very mild. Some of the basic side effects that you are likely to encounter include:

  1. Water Retention

Some users experience bloating when first taking Ibutamoren, which is due to the increase of water retention. This bloat will only last for approximately one or two weeks then you will be back to normal.

 2. Hunger

Ibutamoren will make you very hungry. It stimulates the Ghrelin receptor which is known to boost hunger. For those who want to gain a little bit of weight, this side effect will work to your advantage since you will constantly be eating.

  1. Lethargy

You may also end up feeling exhausted from time to time. This is what is popularly known as Lethargy. Some users feel this, some users don’t. If you feel this side effect, stop taking MK677 in the morning and only take it at night.

Is MK677 safe?

According to research, MK677 is the safest and most efficient way to boost your growth hormone product. This is because it triggers the secretion of the natural growth hormone.

This will be the best way to maximize your results without introducing foreign hormones that are engineered and thus very harmful. I also recommend everyone does their own research as well.

Why use MK677 instead of Growth Hormones

Synthetic Growth Hormones are known to be engineered from the laboratory, and thus when administered they tend to interfere with the bodies hormonal balance.

This is because you are injecting an actual synthetic hormone into your body, which will give you bad side effects and possibly cause desensitization to your growth hormone production. MK677 on the other side is just a secretagogue that stimulates your gland to release more of your natural growth hormone.

Why use MK677 instead of Pro-hormones

Despite pro-hormones being regarded as a very effective method to increase muscle gain, they were banned in 2004. This is because they hugely affect your hormones and can lead to serious side effects such as the damage of your endocrine system. Its serious health risks are much more dangerous than its results and, that is why MK677 is much more preferable.

Where to buy MK677

When it comes to buying MK677, it is very important to find a trusted source in the United States or Canada. Various visits to forums and websites will leave you confused on where to purchase your MK677 (Ibutamoren) from.

The websites you will visit will either look dodgy or the prices seem to go to be true. Most likely they are under-dosing products or selling fake stuff sourced from China. It is difficult to find a trusted source, where you can be confident you are getting the right product.

At Gym Array, we have tested and worked with dozens of SARM and Research companies over the last decade, and the company we have seen with the highest quality and most successful reviews was Savage Line MYO-HGH. Savage Line makes all of their products in the United States and go through various lab tests before being sold.

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